Aimee Giang Tien Do

"When I was a little girl, every day during class recess, I saw a boy my age selling ice cream outside our school's playground. He could not go to school because he needed to work to support himself and his family. I would never forget the look in his eyes, yearning to be a student himself while watching us kids in the school ground. The scholarships from the Vietnam Education Fund are seeds to help those who want education as the ice cream boy had wished it for himself. "

Founder & President & Chief Executive Officer

The Vietnam Education Fund

After contributing more than 30 years in the aerospace and computing industries, Aimee has developed expertise in many STEM-related areas, including software & systems engineering, transformational leadership, business strategy, operational planning, product lifecycle management, process improvement, and high-performance team-building.

Aimee’s mission for VEF is to foster and promote STEM to financially challenged students who aspire to study these subjects. She has leveraged her extensive engineering and management experience and provided consultation in STEM matters to improve operations across engineering and education for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Aimee received the 2013 Special Recognition Industry Award of Women of Color in categories of Managerial Leadership, Technology and Community Services.