Diệp Mỹ Dung

Dear teachers, brothers, sisters, and friends in the VEF scholarship fund,

My name is Diep My Dung - an alumnus of course 12, Faculty of Information Technology, University Natural Science, and one of the first students receiving a VEF scholarship.

It has been more than 5 years since I was honored to receive the VEF scholarship for the first semester, then I was just a junior college student who just chose a narrow major after 2 years of studying in the general of Information Technology. Changing campus from Thu Duc to District 5 closer to home, choosing a favorite major with my interests and abilities, I have achieved positive results over the first 2 years (average semester> 8.0 and received a scholarship encouragement of the school for students with good academic results). Achieving such results is not to mention the help of the faculty when monthly supporting the cost of learning and living with the attention and help of the teachers in the faculty. Fortunately, I was introduced to the VEF scholarship by Mr. Ha Duong - a place that told me the great value in spreading the love of the benefactors of overseas Vietnamese did not manage geographical obstacles to care and help poor students who are studious.

But thanks to the encouragement and help of friends, relatives, and family, I steadfastly faced the misfortune instead of running away from it. I myself have to cope with the pain brought about by the disease, which is the side effect of drugs that cause water retention, weakened stomach, liver, and kidneys, gradually decaying bones, etc.

I used to think that without VEF as well as other scholarships, and especially if there were no friends, teachers, and aunts who were always beside me to encourage me, now I don't dare to think what I will be and what will my family be like. Therefore, I am always indebted to those who have always been by my side, whether for material support or God, all for bringing me out of the pit of poverty. I used to watch my heart because I was the first group of students who received VEF scholarships but could not return to support the fund. Until last year, when I received a meeting letter from Mrs. Giang Tien, I was very happy and nervous because I had not seen her chat on duty for a long time. The meeting took place very cozy, looking at the students who have received scholarships now graduating and getting a stable job, and when I saw the students being supported by VEF, I found myself in there, children bring enthusiasm, courage to overcome all difficulties. I realized that in the busy life with so many disputes, fighting each other, somewhere called "VEF house" still exists a noble kind of sympathy, a "give" does not need reply. Therefore, I have given a small amount of support to the VEF fund as well as the alumni fund, as an encouragement to the next generations to always strive and never give up on their dreams.

Through the VEF meeting, I love Ms. Giang Tien even more. Through her words, I can see the conscientiousness and thoughtfulness of the uncles and aunts who always try to maintain scholarships to help many students. I myself also reminded myself of my relentless efforts to not disappoint the uncles and sisters in the VEF fund, taking everyone as an example for me to follow. I wish all the teachers, brothers, and sisters of the VEF will have a lot of health, always have peace and happiness. I also hope the generations of students in the VEF fund will always be strong and strong to overcome all adversities and have a meaningful life for themselves. I am so honored to be a small piece in the VEF family; I always want to contribute more to the fund both physically and mentally. I hope this little sharing in this article is my most sincere thanks to the VEF fund and to Miss Tien, besides adding a little motivation and optimism to the students.


Diệp Mỹ Dung