The VEF STEM Projects

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Project members: Cao Xuan Nam (leader, PhD candidate), Nguyen Do Quoc Anh, Nguyen Hoang Vu, La Ngoc Hong Phuc

"…STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a contemporary teaching technique that provides pupils with both knowledge and skills. Science and technology can help to make the learning process more natural and effective. However, in rural locations, economic conditions remain challenging, and pupils lack access to contemporary technologies, limiting learning opportunities. To help students in these places learn better, we build a solution that enhances interaction between instructors, students, and learning content. The product can work in the absence of the internet, without the need for wires connecting devices, and with little power usage. The objective is to inspire students to learn and have fun…"

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Science, Vietnam National University in HCM City

Smart Farming Technology

The VEF engaged Vietnam's Provincial Agricultural Extension Center with the Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges. The project aimed to assist the ethnic minority living in Dakrong, Quang Tri province, by applying innovative organic farming and digital technology to improve production at a household scale to fit their lifestyle and within an affordable budget. Although the submission was not selected for the final phase, the project team delivered an excellent proposal to the Grand Challenges, gained valuable writing experience, and will be sure to stand up to the next contests when the opportunity arises.


We are raising fund to bring STEM toys to 100 inpired students. So that...

Every student can experiment solar energy.

Every student can fly an airplane.

Every student can build a space shuttle.

And more.

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